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Singing Rock Reactor 140 Flex 'Y' Lanyard 155cm W Scaff

Singing Rock


The Reactor 140 Flex 'Y' Lanyard 155cm W Scaff comes with hock absorber with elastic lanyards. This lanyard is designed for users with a maximum weight of 140 kg (including equipment). These lanyards are ideal for workers on structures, ladders and pylons. As they are low weight and practical shape do not restrict a user at work. 

The elastic lanyards have been successfully tested for horizontal use and a resulting simulated fall over an edge. The maximum active breaking length of the shock absorber is 175 cm. The cover is made of black synthetic rubber and Cordura with PU coating and a zipper around the perimeter of the cover for easy inspection of the energy absorber.

It has a intact orange indicator of energy absorber activation for easy fast check. The orange indicator is threaded through the attaching loops and indicates an actual damage. Any EN 362 certified connector can be sewn into the attachment loop.

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